Nutrition Counseling Services


If you are suffering from a chronic disease OR if you need someone to help keep you accountable and guide you through your journey to creating a healthier lifestyle,  contact me for a nutrition counseling appointment! I use a combination of nutrition and functional medicine to treat the underlying cause of disease to heal your body from the inside out. 

I can help you.... 

  • Maintain stable blood sugars, reduce insulin dependence and control your diabetes using food and exercise as medicine 
  • Reduce inflammation by following a plant-based, anti-inflammatory diet
  • Create a REALISTIC healthy lifestyle plan by focusing on intuitive eating and overall health
  • Discover micronutrient deficiencies or food allergies that could be causing unnecessary fatigue, brain fog and depression
  • Switch over to a vegetarian or vegan diet in a healthy, balanced way
  • Develop easy, delicious meal plans
  •  Learn to cook using recipes of your choice and tweaking them in healthy ways 

Initial Nutrition Assessment: $75 

  • 45 minutes - 1 hour
  • Review health history 
  • Discuss health problems and health goals
  • Create an actionable wellness plan and SMART goals
  • Review supplements and herbs
  • Order lab tests

Follow-up Appointments: $50 

  • 30 minutes 
  • Follow-up with lab results 
  • Discuss progress, challenges and successes
  • Reassess goals 
  • Stay accountable! 

Appointments are available over the phone, via Skype or in person if you are located in the Portland, Oregon area. 


You can also find me at Luna Wellness in Portland, Oregon. 

Make an Appointment: 

Download the MindBody app and find me at Luna Wellness. Schedule a free, 30-minute nutrition consult today! 

OR schedule by calling the number below:

Phone: 503-289-1390

Address: 333 NE Russell, Suite 200, Portland, OR